SIXR: Dreamweaving Your Imagination Into Reality

Friday, March 16, 2018 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm


This is a pre-event for Cinematic VR Challenge ( this coming March 23-25 at the Pacific Science Center.

Building narrative in a movie requires ingenuity, and once you’ve decided the kind of experience you’re going to build, you will need proper tools such as Filmmaker Live and MakeHuman to share your vision. We will show you these tools and also let you demo Virtual Reality using Oculus RIft and other rigs.

This event is designed for you, worldbuilder, to get acquainted with Filmmaker Live and MakeHuman tools. These tools will empower and unlock the potentials of dreamweaving your imagination not only in flat 2D/3D films but also into immersive virtual reality. 

March 16th, 6 - 10 PM
6-7 Networking
7-8 Filmmaker Live (Demo and Presentation)
8-9 Make Human (Demo and Presentation)
9-10 VR 360 Showcase and closing remarks