Japan Sinks (Dover Doomsday Classics) (Paperback)

Japan Sinks (Dover Doomsday Classics) Cover Image
By Sakyo Komatsu, Michael Gallagher (Translator)
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"A chillingly realistic work of science fiction." ― The New York Times.
After dropping anchor for the night near a small island to the south of Japan, a crew of fishermen awaken to find that the island has vanished without a trace. An investigating scientist theorizes that the tiny island has succumbed to the same force that divided the Japanese archipelago from the mainland ― and that the disastrous shifting of a fault in the Japan Trench has placed the entire country in danger of being swallowed by the sea.
Based on rigorous scientific speculation, Japan Sinks recounts a completely credible series of geological events. The story unfolds from multiple points of view, offering fascinating perspectives on the catastrophe's political, social, and psychological effects. Winner of the Mystery Writers of Japan Award and the Seiun Award, this prescient 1973 science-fiction novel foreshadowed the consequences of the 1995 Osaka-Kobe earthquake and the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

About the Author

One of Japan's leading science-fiction writers, Sakyo Komatsu (1931-2011) was also a television reporter. His other books include Virus and Sayonara Jupiter.Japanese translator Michael Gallagher currently contributes to several websites, including Truthout.org and ContraryPerspective.com.
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ISBN: 9780486802923
ISBN-10: 0486802922
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: February 17th, 2016
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: Dover Doomsday Classics