Staff Picks

Danielle Hulton


Danielle is passionate about bringing the tech community together around amazing books and exciting authors. She is powered by a great vegetarian meal and coffee (or Mate Soda).

Danielle's Favorite Books


David Hulton


The behind the scenes support at Ada's. His specialties include cryptography and FPGA design.

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Mars Maynard

General Manager

Mars has worked in the food industry since he was 13 and, like most restaurant folks, he has a college degree in something else, in this case Photography. A music nerd, avid reader and life-long gamer, He fits perfectly at Ada's. Also, Hip-Hop. And food. And cocktails. Oh, and Coffee. Final Fantasy VII. Motorcycles. Long walks on the beach at sunset. He will see himself out...

Mars' Favorite Books



Bookstore Manager

John has been in the book industry since 2006 and hopes to continue as a book merchant for years to come. As a proud Capitol Hill native, he loves the opportunity to contribute toward the neighborhood's unique atmosphere.

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Cafe Manager

Jeff is an audio engineer, sound designer, and music producer. He's also a competitive gamer, a science literacy advocate, and is perhaps the greatest Dance Dance Revolution player the world has ever known!

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Social Media Coordinator and Office Assistant

A native of the Midwest, Sarah is continually impressed by the amount of greenery and the size of trees in Washington. She loves to relax with a good work of fiction or the occasional journalistic podcast. Her other hobbies include thrifting, embroidery, and petting other people’s dogs. If you’ve got a skill you think you could teach her, she’s always ready to learn. 

Sarah's Favorite Books


Retail  Scientist

Amy is a Washington native who spent six years working in New York City bookstores and is happy to be home! Her areas of geek include children's books, musical theater, baking, Captain Picard, and her pit bull Marshmallow.

Amy's Favorite Books


Retail Scientist

Garrett has always loved building, making and hacking (or whatever you want to call it)- everything from soldering to sewing up a pillow with his grandma.

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Kitchen Scientist

A recent transplant to Seattle, I moved from Atlanta, but was born and raised in Austin. I have a background in Neurobiology and Public Health, and a passion for baking. You can often find me working on a new project related to sewing, crafting, calligraphy, or just learning a new skill. I enjoy being outdoors and look forward to exploring the PNW!

Helen's Favorite Books


Retail Scientist

Joe went to science camp.  His educational background was focused on worker cooperatives but these days he forages in the beautiful PNW and is starting to dabble in permaculture projects.  He’ll talk your ear off about SF and occasionally tries to write some of his own.  He plays banjo and accordion, and is glad to be making coffee again.

Joe's Favorite Books


Retail Scientist

A wily desert transplant with a fondness for physiology, Matt gets his kicks crafting beautiful things for beautiful people. He is a local actor with a BFA in Directing, and enjoys horror films, hip-hop, and putting on his red shoes to dance the blues.

Matt's Favorite Books


Retail Scientist

Sammy is a Musical Theater major at Cornish College of the Arts, and she'll talk to you about video games, anime, and comics for hours if you let her. She spends her free time and her homework hours watching Game Grumps, and creating and listening to 8track playlists to her varying fandoms, of which there are a lot.

Sammy's Favorite Books


Kitchen Scientist

Taylor hails from south central Alaska. She's an artist, a licensed master esthetician, and a baker extraordinaire! Some of her favorite goodies include kimchi, kombucha, and sweet potato fries. She lives in Seattle with her wife and a four legged critter.

Taylor's Favorite Books


Retail Scientist

Hi there, my name is Terri. I am an artist. I'm a director and writer. I write screenplays, short stories, poems, and song lyrics. I enjoy singing, trying to dance, watching cartoons and reading comics.

Terri's Favorite Books 


Support Scientist

Ada's Employee Number 1.

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